The Score for Zenith has been released!

Hey there!

I’ve finally completed the score for the short film “Zenith” and today is was released! I’ve put a short video above with clips from each of the cues so you can check it out if you’re interested. Zenith was made by the team behind "Black White Read" that I scored late last year so it was a pleasure to work with them again. And while this only required about 10 minutes of music, it was one of the more challenging in that every note had to really count and in stepping out of my comfort zone.

Zenith is a contemporary fairy tale about overcoming one’s mental struggle through an unusual spiritual experience and cosmic guidance.

The score is now available on all streaming platforms!

And so with Zenith being finished and out there, I move on now to the next Small Town Monsters film which has just wrapped filming. I’m working on pre-production for it now and then will start scoring it in June and then wrapping it up in July. It’s going to be a really interesting one. More details to come!