STM Kickstarter!


I have talked about it before here on the blog, but I wanted to give a final reminder to everyone that I'll be phoning in to be apart of the Facebook Live Q&A for the Kickstarter launch to fund the next three STM films that will be releasing over the course of 2018!

The event will be happening at 7pm EST this Thursday night! You can listen in on 97.1 FM in Ohio or it will also be broadcast LIVE on the STM Facebook page. The live audience will be able to steer the direction of the show and ask questions relating to our upcoming films, past projects and... well, pretty much anything. Looking forward to hanging out with everyone!

Quick update on everything else - Current Music has approved the four trailer cues I'm working on and so now it's spending the next couple of weeks totally finalizing them and perfecting them before doing the final preparation (separating the stems etc.) and turning them in!

I have a good amount of The Flatwoods Monster score finished and I just sent over everything I had done over to the Director and he seemed to really like what I've been doing so far. So now it's just in executing the remaining part of the score well and finishing strong. 

It's bittersweet to be on wrapping up side of these two projects. They've been extremely rewarding. Once I'm finished with these, I'll be moving on to scoring a main theme for an upcoming web series.

I'll have more to update soon. Talk to you then!