Quick update!



I wanted to stop in and give a quick update. I am filled to the brim with work, which I'm loving! I am a few cue demos in on the four action movie trailer cues I was commissioned to do for the music library company Current Music. These cues will be licensed through an upcoming album of their's called "Ear Parade: 'Trailer Scores 3'". Having never done giant epic cues like these before, it's been quite challenging, but rewarding all the same.

Remember I mentioned last post about the documentary series I score, Small Town Monsters, signing with a new distributor? Well, the series is now on most online platforms, including iTunes, where it is currently sitting at #13 on the bestseller list, along with a 5 star review rating! This is awesome to see, considering this documentary came out back in June! If you haven't seen the documentary and want to check it out, click here.


Also, a new book on the Mothman has just been released by our friend, the leading cryptozoologist Loren Coleman called "Mothman: Evil Incarnate". In it, he devotes a chapter to documentaries on the Mothman legend, and gives a generous amount of space to our documentary! My name is also mentioned while he's talking about the score. You can pick up a copy of this new book by clicking here.


We are also working on "The Flatwoods Monster" which is the sixth documentary in the Small Town Monsters series. Post production is coming along smoothly (the film is looking awesome so far) and I will be focusing heavily on finishing up this score in January 2018. I am loving working in the 1950's scifi genre and the challenging part has been in making it sound unique and my own while harkening back to that great music.



Other than that, there has been some really exciting news happening that I can't wait to share for upcoming projects in 2018. Until then, thank you for your continued support and talk soon!